Centre for Photonics and Advanced Materials Research
Motto of CPAMR: Be creative, be innovative and be excellent in research!

Aim / Goal:

To promote research excellence from research discoveries to commercialisation in establishing a complete and healthy R&D ecosystem chain.


  • To identify research and scholarship activities that are of high importance in the area of sustainable water and energy development with photonics technologies and advanced materials.
  • To develop R&D projects related to sustainable water and energy which each of the members can contribute in building up the whole research chain of research focus areas.
  • To promote prototyping of the research outputs for showcase and commercialisation in future.

Targeted Impact:

  • National recognition as an active research centre that is active in sustainable development of global critical issues.
  • Contribution to industry through providing engineering and scientific solutions.

Targeted Output:
  • Forge international research collaboration with reputable overseas research centres
  • Partnership of solution and product development with local industries

SDG Goals: