Centre for Photonics and Advanced Materials Research
Motto of CPAMR: Be creative, be innovative and be excellent in research!


Areas in which the CENTRE focuses on would be to study and develop new technologies associated with solar energy, renewable energy, bio-sensing, medical diagnostic, etc. These include R&D on solar concentrator, optically rechargeable solid state battery, optical sensor networks, optical sensors, photonic and optoelectronic devices, optoelectronic device packaging, nano-materials, quantum optics, etc.

CPAMR is divided into six focused research groups which are Nano and Polymeric Materials Group (NPMG), Optical Sensor and Devices Group (OSDG), Solar Energy Group (SEG), Materials and Process Synthesis for Energy and Environment Group (MPSEEG), and Engineering Safety and Management Group (ESM).


This group consists of chemists, engineers and physicists who works on synthesizing, characterizing and fabricating nano- and polymeric materials for photonic/optoelectronic devices and optoelectronic packaging. Area of interest includes:

  • Semiconductor materials, micro- and nano-structured thin films, etc.

  • Photovoltaic device and material fabrication, photovoltaic micro-concentrator design, optically rechargeable batteries, polymer electrolytes for solar cell, conductive polymers for opto- and electronics packagng, dye-sensitized solar cells, coating design, plasmonic devices, etc.


This group consists of physicists and engineers who works on fabricating and designing optical sensors, optical sensor system, optical sensor network and optical systems. Area of interest includes:

  • Waveguide and fiber based optical sensors, optical biosensors, optical chemical sensors, micro-fluidic sensor, plasmonic sensors, optical sensor system, optical coherence tomography (OCT), etc.



This group consists of engineers and physicists who works on harnessing solar energy using imaging and non-imaging optics to concentrate sunlight and increase the energy conversion efficiency.
  • Concentrator photovoltaic design, solar hot water system, solar furnace, high temperature solar processes, solar pumped laser system, solar power plant (central tower, parabolic dish, parabolic trough), solar hydrogen, etc.


This group consists of chemists, material scientists, engineers and physicists who works on designing processes and synthesizing materials for energy, environmental and process engineering applications.




This group consists of engineers who conducts scientific research on project management as well as safety and health management to improve workplace safety.

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